Family Law

Nick Rees

Nick Rees qualified as a solicitor in 1993 and has in excess of 26 years’ experience of Family Law work. This includes divorce, financial settlement, cohabitation disputes, prenuptial agreements and disputes over children.

He is the founding owner of Thame & Wheatley Family Law and is an active member of Resolution (formerly the Solicitors’ Family Law Association) and adopts its Code of Practice. The Code promotes an approach to Family Law that is sensitive, constructive and is most likely to result in an agreement.

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‘No Fault Divorce’ The law is set to change to blame-free in 2021

If you are considering divorce in 2021, but don’t want blame attributed to your spouse or yourself, a new UK law, set to come into effect later this year, could be the answer that you’re looking for. Contact Thame + Wheatley Family Law to discuss your situation


Nick Rees

Nick also has considerable experience in will drafting. He considers it sensible for all adults to have an up-to-date will to avoid the difficulties, stress and costs which can arise if a person dies without having made one. Making a will also empowers you to leave your money and assets to the people you choose.

Nick provides a fixed fee Wills service of £250 plus VAT

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Disputed Wills and Estates

If you are, or are about to become, involved in a dispute over the distribution of the estate of someone who has died, please contact Nick as he is also experienced in this area of law, otherwise known as ‘contentious probate’.

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Nick Rees

Other services

Nick may be able to refer you to other firms regarding legal services not covered here.

For local conveyancing services you may wish to contact:

Stefanie O’Bryen Solicitors
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Telephone: 01491 614700
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For services including personal injury and medical negligence you may wish to contact:

Osborne Morris & Morgan Solicitors
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